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Our Story

We didn’t set out to revolutionize the men’s barbershop or the men’s salon, but in 2004 we discovered something that took us by surprise.

Although we found a few cool barbershops and men’s salons, consistent quality was difficult to find. That was because the training for barbers and stylists whose focus was on men’s haircutting varied greatly. That wasn’t shocking, but the next thing we discovered sure was.

Most of the male-focused salons – especially the salon chains – didn’t even view the men’s haircut as its top priority.

Salons realized that if they diverted your attention by using sports, music, fancy woodwork, or a variety of other gimmicks, they could do low quality “one size fits all” haircuts and still call themselves a men’s shop. So they severely oversimplified the men’s haircut and put less focus on client satisfaction and more focus on getting you out of the chair as fast as possible.

This is still how the majority of chain salons operate today. It’s about numbers, not quality.

Of course we did find a few high-quality impressive men’s shops, but these shops were charging way too much to cut men’s hair.

So we set out to change things. We partnered with renown barbers and stylists to create our own training program. We looked at everything from the chair the client sits in to the tools the stylist is using. We combined barbering techniques with modern styling methods. The result is unparalleled customer service, higher quality, and better looking haircuts.

We take time to finish the job. Using proper techniques to ensure that your hair lays just right. Making sure the lines are blended properly. Making sure that as your haircut grows out, it still looks good. Making sure that we are up-to- date on modern styles.

We also needed to make it convenient. Allow appointments or walk-ins. Be respectful of the client’s time. To make it the Ultimate men’s shop.

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After all, you’re a guy. You’re busy. You have things on your mind. Your haircut should not be the most important thing in the world to you…

but it should be to us.