Our Story

We didn’t set out to revolutionize the men’s barbershop or the men’s salon, but in 2004 after becoming frustrated by bad haircut experiences, we discovered something that took us by surprise.

Although we found a few cool barbershops and men’s salons, consistent quality was difficult to find. That was because the training and techniques for barbers, cosmetologists, and hair stylists varied greatly.

We were also surprised to find that most of the male-focused salons and barbershops – especially the chains – didn’t even view the men’s haircut as their top priority.

They realized that if they diverted your attention by using sports, music, fancy woodwork, or a variety of other gimmicks, they could do “one size fits all” haircuts and call themselves a barbershop.

So they severely oversimplified the men’s haircut and put less focus on client satisfaction and more focus on becoming a sort of “haircut factory.”

This is still how many barbershops and salons operate today. It’s about numbers, gimmicks, and questionable membership plans. Not about quality, consistency, skill, and client satisfaction.

Of course we did find a few high-quality impressive men’s shops, but these shops were frequently charging way too much.

So we set out to change things. We partnered with renown barbers, cosmetologists and stylists to create our own program. We looked at everything from the chair the client sits in to the tools the stylist is using.

We combined barbering techniques with modern styling methods to not only perfect the haircut experience, but all men’s grooming services including shaves, beard trims, hair color, eyebrow waxing and more.

And we dedicated ourselves to the mission of making MUG the absolute best place for barbershop and salon professionals to perform their passion.

The result is unparalleled customer service, higher quality, and better results.

Today, we are still ridiculously serious about doing this right.

After all, you’re a guy. You’re busy. You have things on your mind. Your haircut should not be the most important thing in the world to you…

but it should be to us.

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