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Barbetology® Defined

Barbetology® is a specific training method and philosophy for men’s grooming, and these services are only available at Men’s Ultimate Grooming (MUG).

Although it may not be widely-known, the fact is that barbers and cosmetologists are two separate things. They are two distinct training methods and philosophies of men’s haircutting. Getting a quality, consistent haircut is difficult because both techniques have specific advantages and disadvantages.

However, we coined the term “Barbetology®” and developed the curriculum for professionals to become Certified Barbetologists. We combine the two skillsets of barbering and cosmetology so that you, the customer, can get the absolute best men’s haircut at MUG.

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barbetology class
Ivan Zoot, renown Barber, Cosmetologist, and Guinness Book record holder, training MUG professionals.
barbetology class